Thursday 27th April – Update

We are all glad to hear that Kuki Gallmann is making a good recovery from her injuries.  Efforts to clear the bandit groups that continue to plague some parts of north and western Laikipia remain in progress.

The drought continues to bite in northern Kenya and we are now witnessing large scale die offs of livestock across Laikipia.  In some places wildlife is beginning to succumb too.  We continue to pray for more widespread rain.  Unfortunately thus far the rain has been localised in small quantities and concentrated around southern Laikipia.  Consequently a good deal of livestock has moved into the area immediately to the north of Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

In the meantime we continue to work very closely with all of our neighbouring communities to assist them through this period.  They in turn are working with us to make sure that the recent influx of pastoralists is managed in a manner that ensures peaceful coexistence and sustainability.  As an organisation we recognise the dreadful impact the drought is having and wish to do all possible to mitigate the effects amongst our neighbours.

On a positive note, Ol Pejeta continues to operate 100% normally and, as well as launching Sudan the northern white rhino on Tinder yesterday, we are now the proud recipient of the incredibly prestigious Tourism for Tomorrow Community Award.  This is a brilliant endorsement of this organization and its model for conservation.

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