8th April 2017 – Update

Currently there is a major operation to remove pastoralist livestock from the various affected ranches in northern and western Laikipia. This is being conducted by the Kenya Defence Forces and the Kenya Police.

Regrettably, as result of the mismanagement of the northern rangelands beyond Laikipia, grazing reserves within those ranches and conservancies affected by the recent pastoralist invasions are now severely depleted. Notwithstanding some of the ridiculous political rhetoric, all the cattle in northern Kenya can’t fit into Laikipia! This will continue to impact on wildlife and livestock populations alike, with die-offs now beginning to happen in certain areas. It is to be hoped that the much anticipated long rains materialize to further stabilize the situation.

In the meantime Ol Pejeta continues to operate normally and remains unaffected. We have seen a major influx of wildlife through our corridor systems over the past month, as various species move southwards in search of pastures; consequently the wildlife viewing is really excellent at this time.

In Laikipia we all depend upon visitors to sustain our conservation operations, and we would therefore urge people to visit this beautiful county as the areas affected begin their slow return to normality with the onset of the rains.

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