Thursday 27th April – Update

We are all glad to hear that Kuki Gallmann is making a good recovery from her injuries.  Efforts to clear the bandit groups that continue to plague some parts of north and western Laikipia remain in progress.

The drought continues to bite in northern Kenya and we are now witnessing large scale die offs of livestock across Laikipia.  In some places wildlife is beginning to succumb too.  We continue to pray for more widespread rain.  Unfortunately thus far the rain has been localised in small quantities and concentrated around southern Laikipia.  Consequently a good deal of livestock has moved into the area immediately to the north of Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

In the meantime we continue to work very closely with all of our neighbouring communities to assist them through this period.  They in turn are working with us to make sure that the recent influx of pastoralists is managed in a manner that ensures peaceful coexistence and sustainability.  As an organisation we recognise the dreadful impact the drought is having and wish to do all possible to mitigate the effects amongst our neighbours.

On a positive note, Ol Pejeta continues to operate 100% normally and, as well as launching Sudan the northern white rhino on Tinder yesterday, we are now the proud recipient of the incredibly prestigious Tourism for Tomorrow Community Award.  This is a brilliant endorsement of this organization and its model for conservation.


The National Super Alliance condemns in very strong terms the attack on conservationist and author Kuki Gallman by herders who invaded her Laikipia Conservancy earlier today.

We wish quick recovery to Kuki.

As Opposition, we detest and condemn the hooliganism taking roots in this part of the country and demand action that will restore order before things get completely out of control.

Kuki, like other conservancy owners being subjected to brutality in Laikipia is part and parcel of the Kenyan nation regardless of her origins. She has contributed tremendously to the growth of our country in general and northern Kenya in particular.

These ranch owners deserve protection under the law like all Kenyans.

Unfortunately, we have watched in bewilderment as hooligans take advantage of the drought to subject these ranchers to unwarranted attacks.  Even more depressing is the apparent helplessness of the government that is clearly unable or unwilling to bring these attacks to a stop.

Kenya is not a failed state. We want to believe that we have a government and that we are still guided by the rule of law and that the government still sees the protection of life and property as its prime reason for existence.

We therefore demand that the government immediately asserts control and brings these acts of hooliganism to an end once and for all and in a way that respects the rights, dignity and concerns of all parties involved. No more life must be lost, no individual must be attacked again in Laikipia.

APRIL 23, 2017

Laikipia Farmers Association – press release 20th April

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Landowners in Laikipia pumped almost four billion shillings into the local economy in 2016, leading the way as the largest employers, taxpayers and private funders of education and health in the County.

But months of lawlessness in Laikipia threaten those economic gains and unless the violence ends, job losses and cuts in funding for social projects will follow. Already significant new investments have had to be scrapped.

Laikipia – how much ranchers and conservancies help the local economy

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Laikipia ranchers and conservancies are the main contributors to Laikipia’s economy — we provide more jobs, we pay more taxes, we buy more goods and we support more education and health projects than anybody else in the County. A cross section of just 32 properties in Laikipia contributes nearly FOUR BILLION Kenya Shillings to the local economy annually — benefiting many thousands.

By contrast, the militias invading Laikipia pay no taxes, employ nobody, and give zero to education or health. Their political godfathers and the cattle barons driving the invasions contribute nothing to the economy. They only destroy it.



20th April 2017 – Update

The occupation of ranches and conservancies in western and northern Laikipia continues, albeit at reduced levels.  The Kenya Police and the Kenya Defence Forces continue to mount regular operations to remove illegal grazers from the affected properties.  In the meantime available information suggests that the “cattle barons” who instigated this problem 6 months ago have now removed their cattle by truck to areas where reasonable grazing still exists.

Unfortunately the long rains have not yet materialized to the extent necessary to recover drought stricken areas across the northern rangelands of Kenya.  Consequently we are now witnessing large die offs of domestic livestock and wildlife alike in certain areas.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy remains unaffected.  Currently game viewing is excellent with large numbers of wildlife having moved on to the Conservancy in search of forage.

8th April 2017 – Update

Currently there is a major operation to remove pastoralist livestock from the various affected ranches in northern and western Laikipia. This is being conducted by the Kenya Defence Forces and the Kenya Police.

Regrettably, as result of the mismanagement of the northern rangelands beyond Laikipia, grazing reserves within those ranches and conservancies affected by the recent pastoralist invasions are now severely depleted. Notwithstanding some of the ridiculous political rhetoric, all the cattle in northern Kenya can’t fit into Laikipia! This will continue to impact on wildlife and livestock populations alike, with die-offs now beginning to happen in certain areas. It is to be hoped that the much anticipated long rains materialize to further stabilize the situation.

In the meantime Ol Pejeta continues to operate normally and remains unaffected. We have seen a major influx of wildlife through our corridor systems over the past month, as various species move southwards in search of pastures; consequently the wildlife viewing is really excellent at this time.

In Laikipia we all depend upon visitors to sustain our conservation operations, and we would therefore urge people to visit this beautiful county as the areas affected begin their slow return to normality with the onset of the rains.