4th March 2017 – Update

Since yesterday’s update a major police operation has commenced on Sosian to remove pastoralist groups occupying that property.  Unfortunately this operation led to further vandalism including the burning of 3 director’s houses on the property.  It is hoped by all of us that the ongoing operation is completed as quickly as possible to restore a sense of normalcy in north and western Laikipia.

A statement from our CEO, Richard Vigne

This morning I attended a really constructive and excellent meeting with government representatives and various stakeholders to discuss some of the security problems that have affected small pockets of west and north Laikipia. The meeting was called by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) and the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF). The County Commissioner and senior police and administration officers were in attendance. Everyone recognized the key importance of the tourism industry in the economy of Kenya and the government provided a very strong assurance that current issues are being addressed and will be resolved quickly.  KTB will be releasing a statement this evening on behalf of all of us and will post it as soon as we have it.

Current Situation in Laikipia and on Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The current lawlessness across some parts of western and northern Laikipia is of grave concern.

At this time Ol Pejeta Conservancy remains entirely unaffected.  As the largest black rhino sanctuary in Eastern Africa we operate a very elaborate and strong security system to ensure the safety of our clients and wildlife alike.
Whilst we appreciate the impact the current drought is having upon the pastoralist communities of northern Kenya, their search for pastures does not warrant the destruction of lodges and the wanton theft and valdalism recently witnessed.

Currently Ol Pejeta is working closely with the Kenya Government and all other stakeholders in Laikipia to assist in addressing current issues so that we may all find ways of surviving until the onset of the next rains.

Starting today, we will provide a daily update of the situation on our website and social media until such time as the current situation is resolved. Please check back with us in a few hours for more information.

Please do feel free to call me or any other member of the senior management staff should you need to seek clarification of reassurance.

From Richard Vigne, CEO, Ol Pejeta Conservancy.